Loneliness is now considered a bigger indicator of poor health with an increased likelihood of mortality and is being compared to smoking 15 cigarettes a day**. We are by nature social beings, in the past living outside the tribe would have been dangerous with strength in numbers and someone to watch your back. But is it possible in an increasingly isolated society, where we connect electronically and yet not physically, to reach out to others in a meaningful way to be able to decrease loneliness, isolation and so reduce health risks?

BBC R4 Women’s Hour reported…loneliness is perhaps one of the hardest things to admit to others…

When listening to clients, loneliness underpins many of the conversations on health issues. Mental health, gut health, physical health and therefore overall health are connected, so Please do not become part of a health statistic or let isolation hold you back from making good connections for the sake of your overall health.

More Stuff To Think About
Find someone you can talk with, who knows they could also be isolated and lonely.
Do something that takes you out of the house to mix with others on a daily basis.
Get out in nature, borrow a dog then everyone talks to you. BorrowMyDoggy
Volunteer or start your own group to socialise in your area and decrease your isolation.

** Threat to health – The Campaign to End Loneliness

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