We are programmed to love the taste of sweet. Eating sweet fruit in the autumn helped us to store fat before the harsh winter months and is one of the reasons we are still here as a species. But we were never designed to have excess sweet available not just all year as in supermarkets but hidden in manufactured food products.

1972 John Yudkin published Sweet And Dangerous (1988 released as Pure, White and Deadly) a book that was considered nonsense at a time we were also being told that margarine was better for our health than butter. Yudkin writes of the dangers of increased sugar consumption, which is now estimated in excess of 68 kilos per person a year and that could equate to as much as 1.3 kilos per week each.

Sugar is hidden in manufactured food products so learn to study labels. Where does sugar feature on the ingredients list of say a pasta sauce, smoothie, yogurt or ready prepared meal? If it is listed high on the ingredients, it is a sugar based product, consider another brand or food choice.

Remember that sugar is addictive and the food industry cannot be trusted to give you the best health advise. In the 70’s Yudkin writes that the sugar industry actively promoted sugar for weight loss;…sugar works faster…to turn your appetite down, turn your energy up… Did you know there is a sweet-spot utilised by manufacturers to get us hooked on products with tested amounts of sugar to help ensure we remain brand loyal?

We are facing a pre-diabetic, diabetes and obesity epidemic that is due in part to excess sugar. However as Mark Hyman says… we also have more choices than ever before and the food industry will react only if you vote with your fork for options that are healthier.

More Stuff To Think About

Interesting. Teach Every Child About Food – 2010 TED Talk by Jamie Oliver
Many sugar free and sugar replacement or sweeteners carry their own health risks.
Eat real food made from fresh ingredients and lower sugar added to recipes where possible.
Switch products if listed sugar is listed high or when containing ingredients you don’t understand.

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